Transnational Project Meeting and Multiplier Event of Arguing at School in Bucharest, Romania

Transnational Project Meeting and Multiplier Event of Arguing at School in Bucharest, Romania

From May 11th to May 12th, the Litigare a Scuola consortium met in Bucarest, Romania, for the project Transnational Project Meeting and for a Multiplier Event organised within the project activities. The meeting was hosted by the Romanian partners Innovate4Future and Colegiul Sfantul Sava.

During the TPM, which took place on May 11th, several steps forward were made in the implementation of the project. Among others, partners discussed the further development of the Theoretical Framework of the three methods implemented within the project, its dissemination strategies, the structure of the toolkit to be tested in Autumn, the guidelines for the Whole School Approach and, finally, the first steps of the implementation of the policy labs to develop a set of policy recommendations.

During the ME, taking place on May 12th, the partners presented the projects and its products to an audience of 50 persons (other 30 persons were connected online). The ME was well participated and several guests also intervened in the event talking about their experiences.

In the afternoon, the audience was divided into different groups, that were asked to present stragies to tackle three issues related to conflict transformation at school: 1) general awareness of the need of methods; 2) curriculum changes in the education system; 3) the promotion of methods in teachers trainings. The results of the brainstorming will be used as a basis for the creation of the policy recommendations, which, as mentioned, will be defined after the policy labs (Autumn 2023 – Spring 2024).

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