The project “PERForm and sharE loCal hisTories” was approved within the framework of the ERASMUS+.  The project is coordinated by Istituto Comprensivo G. Lucatelli (Italy) in partnership with IIS “F. Filelfo” Tolentino (Italy), Innovate4Future Centrul pentru Solutii Educationale Avansate (Romania), Colegiul National Sfantul Sava (Romania), Stichting International Parents Alliance (Netherlands), Organising Bureau of European School Student Union (OBESSU), International Institute of Humanitarian Law (IIHL) (Italy),  Ministry for Education and Employment (MFED) of Malta, Borg Dreierschützengasse (Austria) and the Fondation des Régions Européennes puor la Recherche, l’Education, et la Formation (FREREF).

The need to test new ways of helping school children and teachers to develop key competences is widely recognised by education policy makers and international institutions like the EU, OECD, UNESCO and the Council of Europe. The recent Conferences on “Supporting key competences development” (Brussels, 12-13 November 2019), “Fusion Cities” (London, 9th October 2020) and the presentation of the OECD Education 2030 Framework are examples of the consensus reached, at the policy and expert levels, on the need to change traditional teaching methods if transversal key competences are given the adequate importance. 

Not always this need is clearly perceived at the grassroots level, where discipline-based curricula and strict timetables tend to dominate the school routines. When schools, teachers, parents and students perceive the need of changing learning strategies and putting transversal key competences at the heart of teaching and on the front line of learning objectives, a promising process can start. 

The Project has the ambition to propose and experiment a holistic method to develop key transversal competences (cultural awareness and expression, citizenship, multilingual, digital, entrepreneurship, personal, social and learning) through a transnational experience of developing a cultural product (a piece of theatre, a musical, an exhibition including students’ performance, a multimedia work, etc.) including historic research, literature and art history, music, performing arts and digital skills.


PERFECT started in December 2021 and will last until December 2024. The project aims at contributing to the innovation and quality of secondary education by developing and testing a teaching/learning strategy based on collaborative cultural production and intercultural exchange also through a meaningful, stimulating and interactive use of digital technology. The project’s central idea is to propose a learning innovation approach through which schools from different countries together develop a project-based method for the development of a cultural product. Teachers of different disciplines will concur to the design and development of these projects/products involving two classes in each partner school. Therefore, the core set of activities will be implemented within, around and between the partner schools with the methodological and management support of the other partners (European Networks like FREREF, OBESSU, IPA, the IIHL with its hosted Education Inspiring Peace Lab, the Ministry of Education of Malta).


1) To stimulate and support the development of autonomous learning and basic research skills, creative thinking, collaborative attitudes and skills through the creation of cultural products based on local history;

2) To organise and reward digitally-enhanced international collaboration of partner schools by supporting the exchange of good practice and cultural products originated locally by students’ groups, interacting among them through digitally supported project work;

3) To develop a review of the experiences conducted and produce a set of methodological instruments to support the replicability and dissemination of the PERFECT “open model” of action;

4) To set up and promote a network of primary and secondary schools committed to participate in exchange of cultural products developed by their students and in a European Festival.