Peace Games Call for piloting actions!

Peace Games Call for piloting actions!

How can you use games in the classroom to improve learning and foster peace?

What is a good practice able to contribute to the development of citizenship, democratic and social competences?

The two-stage piloting of the 55 identified peace games will start early next year! A short piloting period, aimed at preliminarily analysing different possible use of the peace games in schools, will be followed by a “deeper” piloting phase, scheduled for the summer semester of 2022.

Are you interested in the Peace Games project?

Would you be interested in joining its piloting phase? 

Please contact us at with subject line reading “[Name of your institution] piloting candidature – Peace Games project”. 

We look forward to talking to you and working with you on your game-based class activities!

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The Education Inspiring Peace Laboratory team is composed of contributors seconded by the different institutional members of the association and its individual members. If you are interested in joining the Lab and contributing to its activities as an institution, an expert or an educational practitioner, contact us at

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