LICEAL Project outputs

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Analytical Review of Adult Learning Practices linking Citizenship and Employability Learning Outcomes

The main topic addressed in the LICEAL project’s “Good Practices Analysis Report” is the analysis and linkage of employability and citizenship outcomes within adult learning practices. The project focuses on understanding and integrating these two fundamental aspects to improve the employability and civic participation of individuals, particularly those facing social and economic disadvantages. The report highlights the traditional emphasis on employability in integration policies and explores the less commonly associated but crucial aspect of civic rights, citizenship, and democracy​.

Training Design Step-by-Step. Practice oriented guide for educators

This tool supports educators in designing competence-oriented learning processes – with a focus on transversal competences that are relevant in many areas of life and social roles. Supplement to the guidelines for educators: Empowering Adults: Life, Career Path, and Active Citizen. Created in the project LICEAL Linking Citizenship and Employability Perspectives in Adult Learning.

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LICEAL started in September 2022 and will last until August 2025. The ultimate goal of the project is to support adult learners, particularly those who face difficulties in the labour market and social marginalisation, to develop social, civic and relational skills which may contribute to their social inclusion and active participation in democratic life as well as to their employability. The relevance of transversal competences – such as cooperation, teamwork, negotiation, sense of initiative and creativity, self-regulation and respect of social norms – is the assumption that the project develops through its activities. Developing the capacity of learners, adequately supported by educators, to self-assess and undertake learning and personal development projects contributing to social inclusion and employability is the key strategic project objective. Encouraging civic engagement and participation is part of the project picture, following recent policy documents to develop social and relational skills together with more classic employability skills, specialised or transversal.