The EIP Lab offers a variety of activities for schools and for students of all ages. Explore the list below to find out which activity may interest you the most!

Book a visit to the EIP Lab!

The EIP Lab, in collaboration with the International Institute of Humanitarian Law, offers the opportunity to schools and educational associations to book a visit to its current headquarter, located in Sanremo. The visit will mainly take place at Villa Ormond where the IIHL and the EIP Lab are currently located. 

During the visit, students will have the opportunity to learn more about the work of both organisations, reflect upon the concepts of peace, war, conflict, conflict transformations, human rights, humanitarian law. 

We also organise an interactive activity for the students during which they will have the opportunity to play a set of “PEACE GAMES”. The games are adapted to the age of the students and will constitute an enriching way to reflect upon peace and conflict though a games based learning approach. 

The visit and the activities are completely free! Click on the button below to book your visit by filling the form with all the necessary information we need to properly organise your visit!

Have a look at our educational activities!

The EIP Lab is involved in different european funded projects whose main results are a series of resources mainly addressed to teachers in the field of Citizenship Education, Peace Education and Conflict Transformation. 

These resources are very much appreciated by teachers who are in charge of teaching Citizenship Education at school (Civic Education in the Italian context). 

If you are interested in these tools, have a look at the Resources section of our website or click on one of the link below!

Join the EIP Lab and other EU organisations in EU-funded projects!

Throughout the entire year, the EIP Lab is actively involved in writing and submitting EU-funded projects (ERASMUS+, CERV, AMIF, Horizon, etc) addressed to schools. There are different ways to join us in the activities of the project: