UPPER Final Multiplier Event

Developing Peace and Transforming Conflict through Education – Benchmarking Peace Education Initiatives, Awarding Excellence and Social Impact

The International Institute of Humanitarian Law is hosting the final conference of the UPPER project on November 27th 2020 online.

The conference will gather various actors from the Education area and civil society. Outputs and impacts of the UPPER project will be presented and discussed, and partners of the project will present the EIP Lab and its Service and Sustainability Plan.

The event will be held online through the Zoom platform.

Registration is mandatory to attend the meeting. While filling in the registration form, participants are invited to indicate a preference related to the thematic working groups of the “New proposals” session. Participants who did not express a preference while registering for the event will be automatically assigned to one of the working groups.

An opportunity to learn more about UPPER...

There cannot be a more urgent priority for Europe than to educate its young people to be peaceful. The marked change in populations of young people alongside the pervasive influence of technological development and the competing forces of localism and globalisation have given rise to the need to enhance social cohesion, and to learn civic values and mutual understanding.

The UPPER project has now elaborated a Good Practice Report, a Peace Educators’ Competencies Framework, an Handbook for Peace Education, and a collaborative benchmarking system for actors in the field of Education.

In order to perpetuate the activities of the project, partners have seized the opportunity to establish the Education Inspiring Peace Laboratory in Sanremo. The Laboratory will maintain and animate the community of practice, and disseminate the pedagogic tools and policy recommendations regarding Peace Education at the local and European level.

...a chance to join the EIP Lab!

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