Project “Scuole aperte partecipate in rete”: an insight into the open school approach

Project “Scuole aperte partecipate in rete”: an insight into the open school approach

The project, funded by the social enterprise “Con I Bambini,” aims to connect the experiences of Open and Participatory Schools in the national territory through a Network, with the purpose of sharing good practices and supporting ongoing creative processes.

Past projects have shown that creating an open school gives rise to inclusive and generative processes of social ties, enabling the construction of a broad and cohesive educational community, aware of the needs of the people who constitute it. Open schools are an effective and sustainable model against educational poverty, especially thanks to the involvement of parents and students in the planning of activities and co-management of school space. School is designed as a common good to be cared for and enjoyed creatively and shared on different levels: didactic, educational, and social.

Therefore, the aim is to promote and network experiences, enhancing and supporting them at the local level but at the same time enriching the exchange at the national level. It is intended to create an autonomous, responsible and supportive network that promotes the conditions for stable collaboration in the field of combating educational poverty and that raises awareness among civil society and institutions, promoting replicable open school models.

The partnership is extremely rich and solid, with 15 schools involved, distributed throughout the country, from Sicily to Piedmont.

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