CITIZED: Final Conference in Brussels

CITIZED: Final Conference in Brussels

On 28th and 29th November, the Final Event of the project CITIZED – Policy Implementation support and teacher empowerment for Citizenship Education took place in Brussels. The project, coordinated by the Institute and including partners from Austria, Belgium, France and Malta, focused on the enhancement of teachers capacity-building initiatives in the field of citizenship education and on their empowerment, as well as on fostering the schools’ efforts in the field by filling existing implementation gaps between policy statements and daily practice in the schools through the suggestion of evidence-based policy improvements.

The Final Conference was composed of two events, the first focusing on the practical tools developed within the project and the second on the policy recommendations on citizenship education. Both events were hosted within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Week, annually organised by the Lifelong Learning Platform, and registered the participation of both high-level educational experts and policy-makers, among whom members of the European Parliament, ministerial officials, school heads, teachers and representatives of many different educational stakeholders.

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