Arguing at School: Learning Teaching Training Activities (LTTA) week in Ogulin

Arguing at School: Learning Teaching Training Activities (LTTA) week in Ogulin

During the last week of August, from August 28th to 31st, a Learning Teaching Training Activity (LTTA) of the project Arguing at School took place in Ogulin, Croatia.

It aimed to train educators and teachers from various nations (Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Malta and Romania) on three innovative psycho-pedagogical approaches designed to give children and adolescents the competences to manage conflicts autonomously.

These three approaches include the “Litigare bene” method by Daniele Novara, developed by CPP in Italy and implemented in a few schools in other countries like Croatia; the Friendship Cards, created by the Relationships are Forever Foundation, is used in Malta and translated into 20 languages; the Peer Mediation method developed and used in Croatia.

The primary emphasis was on underscoring the idea that adults (parents, educators, or teachers) should no longer take an active role in resolving children’s disputes. Instead, they should instruct adolescents in emotional intelligence, which, coupled with communication skills, will empower students to navigate their conflicts (such as disagreements with classmates) independently.

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