2nd Executive Council meeting of the Education Inspiring Peace Laboratory

2nd Executive Council meeting of the Education Inspiring Peace Laboratory

On June 1st, the Second Meeting of the Executive Council of the Education Inspiring Peace Laboratory (EIP Lab) was held at Villa Ormond, Sanremo (Italy), hosted by the Institute.

The first part of the meeting was devoted to provide participants with an update on the most recent institutional developments concerning the physical seat of the Lab. The session thus progressed with the presentation of the active projects of the EIP Lab (CHILD-UP, CITIZED, Peace Games, Must-A-Lab, PERFECT and Arguing at school) followed by the introduction of the latest project proposals submitted within different EU funding programmes (LICEAL, IN-DEED and GO TALK), stressing the importance of creating new synergies among the different projects.

The last part of the Executive Council meeting was then dedicated to a brainstorming session focused on some practical overarching issues to be addressed by the body. The key points dealt with concerned the Research Capacity, the promotion of Innovative practice, the support for Policy implementation to be provided by the Lab and the open Communication tasks. During the session, an operational plan for the collection of contributions to be integrated into an EIP Lab newsletter and yearly EIP Lab Report of Activities was also designed and approved. 

Stay tuned for the Autumn event of the EIP Lab!

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