2023: the European Year of Skills

2023: the European Year of Skills

The European Commission has adopted its proposal to make 2023 the European Year of Skills. 

In a time where the EU economy is slowly transitioning to a more green and digital future, people are being faced with new opportunities that require new abilities. Having the relevant skills empowers people to successfully navigate labour market changes and to fully engage in society and democracy. The goal is that nobody gets left behind in the economic recovery and in the green and digital transitions.  

In order to reach this objective, the European Commission encourages lifelong learning by: 

– Promoting increased, and more effective and inclusive investment in training and upskilling

– Making sure that skills are relevant for labour market needs

Matching people’s aspirations and skill sets with opportunities on the job market

Attracting people from third countries with the skills needed by the EU.

To meet these objectives, the Commission will promote upskilling and reskilling opportunities, for instance by highlighting relevant EU initiatives, including EU funding possibilities, to support their take-up, implementation and delivery on the ground.

To learn more, visit this page and read the proposal made by the EC.

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