EIP Laboratory for Parents

It takes a village to raise a child – we all know this saying. Parents, grandparents, family members, neighbours, local businesses, neighbourhood associations, youth organisations, libraries, museums, sports clubs and of course schools are all part of this village. 
But parents have a special role in the education of a child and some may not be aware of that. By law, according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, it is the parents (and not the school that many think) who bear the full responsibility for the upbringing and education of their children. It is thus not enough to decide which school to choose for your child, but you need to be there to shape, support and evaluate their work to ensure the best interest of your child. Therefore, we invite parents to be advocates of peace education in their community, and to work hand-in-hand with the schools, create a peaceful environment where everybody is respected and appreciated.


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