MUST-a-Lab Capacity Building for Policy Lab facilitators

MUST-a-Lab Capacity Building for Policy Lab facilitators

The MUST-a-Lab project Capacity Building for future Policy Labs’ facilitators took place in Sanremo (Italy) from November 23rd to November 25th. 

Facilitators selected by partner cities – Mechelen (Belgium), Vienna (Austria), Livadia (Greece), Modena (Italy) and Fuenlabrada (Spain) – attended the three-day Capacity Building in Villa Ormond to deepen their knowledge about the facilitation cycle, its management and a Policy Lab’s success factors.

Participants shared their city’s chosen challenges, their objectives and previous experiences and practiced the participatory method and facilitation techniques through group works, guided brainstorming, analysis of materials and plenary discussion. 

At the end of the training sessions, facilitators had the chance to start planning their own Policy Labs, laying the groundwork for the future project actions.

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