CITIZED – Transnational Project Meeting

CITIZED – Transnational Project Meeting

On 2nd and 3rd June 2022, the transnational meeting of the “Policy implementation support and teacher empowerment for CITIZenship Education – CITIZED” project was held in Vienna, hosted by polis – The Austrian Centre for Citizenship Education in Schools

The partners of the project particularly discussed the final phase of the development of the CITIZED Toolkit, addressed not only to School Governance Bodies, Teachers and Students, but also to Teachers’ Trainers, Communities around schools and Parents. The toolkit will be soon made available, so stay tuned!

A session focused on the first results of the collection of the teachers’ training questionnaires also took place. Many teachers in the different countries involved in the project were (and still are) indeed invited to fill in dedicated questionnaires and share their experiences and ideas on the teaching of citizenship education at this link!

The transnational project meeting represented an enriching opportunity for the smooth development of CITIZED, allowing a deep exchange of knowledge between all partners.

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