CITIZED – Policy Workshop in Nice

CITIZED – Policy Workshop in Nice

Within the framework of the ERASMUS+ project (KA3) CITIZED (Policy implementation support and teacher empowerment for CITIZenship Education), a series of 5 Policy Workshops took place, one per each partner country: Malta, Belgium, Austria, France and Italy. The workshop served to contribute to the policy debate in all EU member states starting from a cross-cutting discussion at all levels involved. 

The Policy Workshop in France took place in Nice on June 9th 2023 at the Inspé de l’Académie de Nice from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm. A series of speeches was delivered in the first part of the morning. More specifically, the speakers that intervened were the following: Franck Brillet – Directeur de l’Institut National Supérieur du Professorat et de l’Éducation (Inspé) de l’Académie de Nice – UCA; Frédérique Cauchi-Bianchi – Directrice de l’École Académique de Formation Continue – Rectorat de l’Académie de Nice (Topic of the speech: Education to citizenship: Needs for in-service training for 1ary and 2ndary school teachers); Romain Millet – Chef du Service Environnement Scolaire, Direction Éducation and Pierre Fiori – Conseiller Municipal délégué à la Citoyenneté à l’école – Ville de Nice (Topic of the speech: The citizenship policy for the schools of the City of Nice: a proactive approach based on a partnership with the educational community).

Hence, the partners also presented some of the outputs of the project: the challenges to citizenship education identified, the modules for teachers training created and the citizenship education toolkit produced. In the second part of the morning working groups were created in order to discuss the needs in terms of citizenship education both at the institutional level and at the school level.

The results of the workshop are recorded in a report and they will be soon analysed and combined with what emerged in the other policy workshops. 

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