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UPPER Project Meeting in Utrecht

Utrecht (The Netherlands), 11-12 April 2019

In April, the third Project Meeting of the UPPER Project was organised by the European School Head Association at its premises, in the Netherlands. Many of the instruments structured by the UPPER partnership were revised, discussed and improved during the meeting, taking advantage of open debates and interactive workshops.

Sessions included activities regarding the integration of the draft version of the Peace Educators’ Competences Framework, which was analysed by the team in its most crucial sections, the further development of the innovative Benchmarking System for educational institutions, and, finally, the delineation of some general outlines for the future design of the Peace Education Handbook.

A few external contributors, most of them educational professionals and experts in the field of formal and/or informal education, were also invited to participate in the work on 12 April. As expected, their presence provided precious independent inputs for the future development of the project.

“Education inspiring peace, from fragments and silos to a systemic approach” international workshop

Sanremo (Italy), 23 November 2018

On 23 November 2018, this international workshop on “Education inspiring peace, from fragments and silos to a systemic approach” was organized in November at Villa Ormond by the International Institute of Humanitarian Law, within the framework of the project “UPPER – systemic UPscaling of Peace Education Practices”. The workshop was held under the auspices of the Municipality of Sanremo and the Liguria Region. This initiative gathered about 55 participants including policy makers at different institutional levels, school teachers, representatives of local communities and civil society, members of cultural institutions and international organizations, all committed to enhancing the positive role of education in creating the conditions for peace and respect for cultural differences. The workshop presented a synopsis of the good practices identified within the UPPER project and introduced the concept of “international collaborative benchmarking” by discussing strategies for capacity building and international networking to maximise the impact of existing educational initiatives. Furthermore, the workshop was the occasion to announce the creation of the “International Peace Education Laboratory”, a project spin-off, to be established in Sanremo on a permanent basis.