Call “Vicini di Scuola” for combating school segregation phenomena in Italy

Call “Vicini di Scuola” for combating school segregation phenomena in Italy

Con I Bambini Impresa Sociale, the implementer of the “Fund against educational poverty of minors” (in Italian “Fondo per il contrasto della povertà educativa minorile”), launched a call for proposals on the so-called white flight for all third sector entities that wish to propose projects aimed at reducing the phenomena of segregation affecting children in the 6-13 age group.

Despite the strong inclusive vocation of Italian schools, in recent years there have been increasing inequalities linked, on the one hand, to the increase in the number of children living in absolute poverty and, on the other, to the difficulty the school system has in balancing the different levels of education. However, a democratic and modern education system must pursue high standards of equity and guarantee equal learning opportunities for each student, irrespective of gender, family background and socio-economic background.

Therefore, through the Fund, Con I Bambini Impresa Sociale aims to implement innovative projects in Italy able to promote measures that guarantee high-quality education even in complex social contexts, rebalancing the social composition of classes in schools and, thus, reducing the gaps in local educational policies.

Are you interested in the call for proposals? Consult it here!

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