EIP Laboratory for Informal Education Professionals

Many associations and non-profit organisations contribute to the education of children and adults through cultural, social and sport activities. They are important actors in the process of inspiring peace through “doing things together”, a kind of informal education that is particularly important to inspire peace. The EIP Lab pays particular attention to these organisations and invite them to explore good practices, present their own experiences and connect their activities to those of the Lab. In the near future a specific module of the benchmarking system will be developed for them and with them, in order to support consolidation of good practices and international collaboration.


Self-assessment questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to assess yourself on the topic of peace education at any given point of time.

Organisational readiness questionnaire

The purpose of this readiness questionnaire is to assess your school/organisation on the topic of peace education before, during and after starting peace programs and activities.

Collaborative benchmarking system for Policies and Programmes

This form includes 10 criteria through which policy-makers and other contributors to policy-making will have the possibility to identify their maturity level in peace and citizenship education policies, or more specifically programmes and initiatives.


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