Teachers and School Leaders

To help teachers and school leaders acquiring specific competencies that represent the necessary starting point for effective implementation of peace education policies within schools, the Lab conceives tools for professional improvement.

Young learners

We strive to have a needs-led education focusing on emergent educational frameworks in order to provide a tailor-made educational journey. In the EIP Lab children and young learners find ideas to play peace and concrete suggestions for school-based and out-of-school activities which lead to their education as active and peace-oriented citizens


The EIP Lab invites parents to be advocates of peace education in their community, and to work hand-in-hand with the schools, create a peaceful environment where everybody is respected and appreciated. The EIP Lab offers parents good practices from Europe and beyond which will inspire their own educators’ role and their stakeholders’ role within the school community

Policy Makers

In the EIP Lab, policy makers and other people contributing to the policy definition process can find specific good practices referring to the policy level and a collaborative policy benchmarking system to self-assess and compare the levels of awareness and achievement that can be associated to their existing initiatives and programmes in the field of education to peace, active citizenship and democratic culture.

Associations and NGOs

The EIP Lab pays particular attention to these organisations and invite them to explore good practices, present their own experiences and connect their activities to those of the Lab. In the near future a specific module of the benchmarking system will be developed for them and with them, in order to support consolidation of good practices and international collaboration.

Teachers Training Institutions

The Lab is particularly interested to work with Higher Education Institutions which are in charge of educating future teachers and providing continuing professional development for in-service teachers: the collection of good practice can inspire future teachers and provide exchange opportunities for CPD programmes for teachers.


The world of research is invited to use the EIP Lab as a source of information and inspiration for existing and future research activities, and as a partner for dissemination and impact multiplication of their research results.

Education authorities

The Lab is approaching Education Authorities which want to update their citizenship education initiative, by offering the possibility of international comparisons, cooperation and methodological approaches which may feed their effort.

International Organisations

The Lab activities are connected with EU and Council of Europe programmes, and are conducted with full awareness of UNESCO and OECD recent initiatives in the field of citizenship education and transformative competences (Education 2030 Framework).

Fundations and other Donors

The Lab is willing to collaborate with international Foundations and other Donors organisation to strengthen the impact of their initiatives in the field of peace and citizenship educations, whenever its involvement may be useful to achieve shared goals of public interest.


The EIP Lab is willing to propose methods and advice to employers who want to develop conflict transformation and active citenship education to their employees and managers, combining and using the know how of its members to find innovative learning and participation approaches.

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The archive below collects all the juridical, academic and professional documentation produced in the areas covered by the activities of the EIP Laboratory.