EIP Laboratory for Teachers

In approaching citizenship education and peace education, teachers need to acquire specific competences which represent the necessary starting point for effective implementation of  peace education policies within schools. The following page is therefore conceived as a path towards a professional improvement which originates in self-evaluation (both on a personal and on a school level) and, through formation, takes to the development of high-level intercultural, pedagogic and personal skills. The following tables provides for set of tools for Teachers and educators in regards to evalution and teaching resources. 

Organisational readiness questionnaire

The purpose of this readiness questionnaire is to assess your school/organisation on the topic of peace education before, during and after starting peace programs and activities.

Self-assessment questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to assess yourself on the topic of peace education at any given point of time.

Collaborative benchmarking system for Schools

The form includes 10 categories through which schools will have the possibility to identify their own state-of-the-art in peace and citizenship education delivering process and other similar fields.

PERFECT - Coming soon!

LaS - Coming Soon!

Citizenship Education Toolkit for Schools

The CITIZED toolkit is designed to provide guidance throughout the implementation process and to offer helpful resources towards a democratic whole school. It includes principles to facilitate a transfer to school and guidelines for the practice.

Peace Games Catalogue

The PEACE GAMES catalogue is a selection of 55 interesting digital and analogical games relevant to teaching and learning peace and peace-oriented competences