EIP Laboratory for Students

A child’s world is as wonderful as you make it. 

“We must make sure to foster a school environment that acknowledges, celebrates and further develop the strengths of all learners.”  
A Policy on Inclusive Education in Schools (MEDE, 2019)

Children have the right to grow up in a nurturing environment, surrounded by individuals who make the wellbeing of the child their priority.  The real inclusion of every child in all their individual needs will create a safe place where the child can flourish and reach their full potential: in school and within the community.  We strive to have a needs-led education focusing on emergent educational frameworks in order to provide a tailor-made educational journey.  Schools should be means of bridging the gap by providing the beneficial experiences needed to equip the learners as democratic and responsible global citizens.

Citizenship Education Toolkit for Schools

The CITIZED toolkit is designed to provide guidance throughout the implementation process and to offer helpful resources towards a democratic whole school. It includes principles to facilitate a transfer to school and guidelines for the practice.

Peace Games Catalogue

The PEACE GAMES catalogue is a selection of 55 interesting digital and analogical games relevant to teaching and learning peace and peace oriented competences.